Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapel of Saint Sebastian

The Altar in the Chapel of St. Sebastian with
Blessed Pope Innocent XI's Body

The body of future Blessed Pope John Paul II will be placed in the chapel of St. Sebastian between the Pieta and the Chapel of the Eucharist. The chapel features an altarpiece executed by Pier Paolo Cristofari from a painting by by Domenichino Zampieri. It previously held the mortal remains of Blessed Innocent XI (1676-1689).

 Floor Plan of the Basilica
Saint Sebastian's Chapel is numbered 76
Michaelangelo's Pieta is numbered 80

Ceiling immediately in front of Saint Sebastian's Chapel


  1. He was a disgrace.

    He presided over a Church that committed tens of thousands of child rapes worldwide. When he found out about it, he silenced the victims, hid the truth, and ignored the victims.

    Thousands of priests raped tens of thousands of God's children, and he was the leader of the cover up. If he was the CEO of a company with the same record, he would have been vilified and never worked again. He would have been put in jail for eternity for not reporting to the police, for moving felonious rapists to new territories, and for concealing evidence.

    Instead of showing how the Christian world should deal with such events, he showed the most evil, cowardly approach, and caused thousands of child rapes to be committed, when they could easily have been stopped with strong Christian (or human) leadership at the beginning.

    Tens of millions have left the Catholic church due to his weak and cowardly leadership.

    God is sure to ask him, "What Would Jesus Do" if confronted with and endless seres of child rapes, and the answer would not be

    - silence the victims
    - preserve the pope's and the church's reputation
    - hide the truth
    - lie about these events
    - pass these priests (truly satanic priests) to new parishes where they could rape again
    - ignore the victims

    There is no other Christian religion that has ever had a leader that they should be more embarrassed about.

    1. If you are a Christian It would be very difficult to believe that you are. Your words sounds satanic!!